Win in Brawl Events

Brawl Events

Brawl Events are the events that players can use to gain trophies, earn tons of Tokens, or get Power Play Trophies in Brawl Stars. Each one of the Brawl Events has different objectives to fulfill to win the match.

How to Win in Brawl Events

Gem Grab

There will be gems that will spawn in the middle of any map in a Gem Grab event. Collect them by getting close to them and be careful doing it, as your opponents will surely stop you from getting them. Your team must obtain a total of 10 gems and survive for 15 seconds to achieve victory!

Objectives Breakdown

  • The team must collect a total of 10 gems.
  • Once the team has 10 gems, hold out for 15 seconds to win the match.


Each team has a Safe on the map and is usually near their spawn location. Attack and destroy the opposing team’s Safe, and prevent them from destroying your team’s safe before the timer ends to win the match.

Objectives Breakdown

  • The team must destroy enemies’ Safe and defend their Safe.
  • The team who successfully destroys the enemies’ Safe will win the match.
  • In case no team loses a Safe before the timer ends, the team whose Safe has the higher health will take home the win.


Attack and destroy your enemies’ assembly turret to win a Seige event. Both teams can summon a Siege Bot by collecting Bolts in the middle part of the map before the Siege timer runs out. The level of the Siege Bot will be the same number of the Bolts acquired by the team. The higher the number of Bolts your team has, the stronger the Siege Bot will become. If both teams’ assembly turret survive, the team whose assembly turret has the higher health will win the match.

Objectives Breakdown

  • The team must destroy the enemies’ turret to win the match.
  • There will be Bolts brawlers can pick up to summon a Siege Bot. There are a total of 3 times that a Siege will happen, which will spawn a Siege Bot.
  • The team that has the most number of Bolts will spawn a Siege Bot. The level of the Siege Bot will depend on the number of Bolts the team has. Your team will lose all of the Bolts if they successfully summoned a Siege Bot.
  • If both teams have the same number of Bolts, no Siege will happen, and no Siege Bot will spawn.
  • If no team loses a turret before the timer ends, the winner will be decided by whose turret has more health



To win a match in a Showdown event, you or your team needs to be the last Brawler on the map. Make your Brawler stronger by destroying crates or killing enemies and get the Power Up Cells they drop. Hunt all of your enemies down once you have collected enough Power Up Cells. Just be watchful that a poison cloud will start closing in to damage all Brawlers caught by it and to make the area smaller as time passes by.

Objectives Breakdown

  • Kill all enemies in the area and be the last man or team standing to win the Showdown event.
  • You can collect Power Up Cells to make your Brawler stronger. You can get them by destroying crates or killing enemies.
  • As time passes by, a poisonous cloud will start to close in to make the play area smaller. You will receive 1000 damage a second while inside the poisonous cloud.


Hot Zone

Capture all the Hot Zone to win in a Hot Zone event. You can start capturing a Hot Zone just by standing on the circle. If no team has captured all the Hot Zones before the timer runs out, the winner will be the one who has the highest capture percentage.

Objectives Breakdown

  • Be the first team to capture all Hot Zones in the area to win the match.
  • Stand inside the circle to capture the Hot Zone. Take note that the capturing process won’t speed up even all of the team members are inside a Hot Zone.
  • If the timer runs out before any team captures all Hot Zone, the team with the highest capture percentage will be victorious.


Defeat enemies to gain Bounty Stars and the team who has the most Bounty Stars will win the match. Each Brawler has two Bounty Stars on them, and each time a Brawler defeats an enemy, his Bounty Stars will increase by one. It will reset back to two if the Brawler dies. The Blue Bounty Star will act as the Tie Breaker if both teams have the same number of Bounty Stars. It means that the team that has it will win the match if both teams have the same number of Bounty Stars at the end.

Objectives Breakdown

  • Collect higher Bounty Stars than the enemy team before the match ends to win it.
  • Brawlers all have 2 Bounty Stars at the start of the match. If someone manage to kill an enemy, the Bounty Stars on that enemy will add to your total score. Each time a Brawler kills an enemy, the Bounty Star on him increases by one, up to a maximum of seven Bounty Stars.
  • If both teams have the same number of Bounty Stars, the team who has the Blue Bounty Star will win the match.

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