What You Need To Know About Clubs

Clubs are social groups within the game that players can join to chat and join rooms to Brawl together. Clubs can be created or joined from the game’s Social tab. Clubs also have their own leaderboards based on Clubs’ Trophy scores. A Club’s Trophy score is calculated by adding the individual Trophy counts of the Club’s members. Each Club can have up to 30 members.

Players in Clubs can either be a Member, Senior, Vice President, or President:

  • Members have no premium rights
  • Seniors can kick members
  • Vice Presidents have Senior rights, plus the right to promote/kick Members and Seniors and can send Club mail
  • President have Vice President rights, plus the right to promote and kick Vice Presidents

There is only one President per Club, and if a President promotes a Vice President to President, then the initial president is automatically demoted to Vice President.

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