In this event we will enjoy a three against three battle in which we will have to defeat the rivals to hunt the greatest number of stars. In the event of a tie, the star in the middle will serve to tie the tie.


In this 3v3 mode we will have to end the rival IKE jointer, before they manage to destroy ours.


This 3v3 event consists of destroying the opposing team’s safe before they destroy yours.

Urban Breakthrough

Form a team with two other brawlers and manage to stop the monsters that are trying to invade the city. In addition, we will take care of fight a bot. In addition, you will have the option to select your usual friends or try randomly.

All Against One

In this mode we will be facing a battle of a team of three brawlers against a robotic boss and his minions. In addition, we must bear in mind that the difficulty of this event will increase as the phase advances.


Here we will start with a 6-player time trial match in which 5 of them will be hunters in search of the megabrawler, whose ultimate goal will be to stay alive. So if the enemy is you, you will have to survive as long as you can to improve your reward. And if not, you … Read more

Robotic Fight

We will have to join two other players and protect the safe from the waves of robots Until the time is up In addition, robotic bosses will also appear, so you better not be separated from the rest of the team.

Brawl Ball

It consists of scoring a goal in the goal of the rival team. The match will end when one of the teams scores two goals or when time runs out.


This mode is in solo and duo, that is, we can play it alone or in pairs, but we will always have to try to survive a pitched battle.


It’s a 3v3 combat in which the main objective is to get 10 gems before the game ends. Once the time is up, the team that has accumulated the most will win the game. In addition, the gems will appear in the center of the map, or we will have to take them away from … Read more