How to Upgrade Characters


Power Points

Power Points are essential when upgrading a character. Power Point requirement will increase the higher the level your Brawler gets. You can obtain Power Points by buying them in the shop, opening a brawl box, and rewards from Trophy Road and Brawl Pass.


Coins are also required for you to upgrade a character. You will need more coins for upgrading Brawlers to a higher level. Obtain more coins by opening Brawl Boxes or buying Coin Packs in the shop.

Steps on Upgrading Characters

1. Go to the Brawlers screen by tapping the character in the main menu or the Brawler button on the left side.
2. Choose your desired character to upgrade. Characters that are ready for an upgrade will also show up on this screen.
3. Tap on the Upgrade Button on the lower right side of the screen after selecting a character.
4. The upgrade screen will appear to show the changes that will happen. Select the Upgrade Button again to upgrade your character. Try them out in a Brawl Battle after upgrading them to notice the improvements!

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