How to Get Trophies

Trophies measures the Brawlers rank in the game. Each Brawler has their own Trophy count and serves as a progress tracker for them. It means that the more wins your Brawler has, the higher its Trophy count and rank.


  • Free Brawlers
  • Power Points
  • Coins
  • Brawl Boxes
  • Brawl Battles/Events

How to Get Trophies

Winning Brawl Battles

Win Brawl Battles - Brawl Stars.jpg

The only way to earn trophies is to win battles in a Brawl. There are different types of Brawl, and each one gives an advantage to a specific Brawler. Using the right Brawler in the right Brawl battle is the key to winning and earning Trophies!


Best Ways to earn Trophies

Get more Brawlers

Legendary Brawler - Brawl Stars.png

One way for your Trophy count to go up is to get more Brawlers. Basically, the more Brawlers you have, the more you can earn trophies. Win battles with every Brawler you have and rank them up to get more of them!

Use low rank Brawlers

Low Rank Brawlers - Brawl Stars.jpg

Low-rank Brawlers, are obviously, have a low trophy count as well. Getting in a match with low-rank Brawlers will increase your chance to win and earn trophies. You can also level up your Brawlers first to make them stronger and be unbeatable in low-rank battles.

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