How to Get Star Power

What is a Star Power?

Star Powers are passive skills uniquely different from each brawler. It gives a powerful buff to Brawlers that will surely increase their winning chances in a battle.

However, you can only get a chance to obtain a Star Power if one of your Brawlers have reached Power Level 9.


How to Get a Star Power

Brawl Boxes

You will have a chance to get a Star Power when opening a Braw Box, as long as you have a Brawler with Power Level 9. Start opening some Brawl Boxes now to get a Star Power and increase your Brawlers’ fighting capabilities!

Buying from Shop

Once a Brawler reaches Power Level 9, Star Powers will become available in the Shop. You can purchase them using coins, so make sure to save up coins beforehand and buy them when they become available in the Shop!

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