How to Get Power Points

What are Power Points

Power Points are one of the required items for upgrading a Brawler. You can undoubtedly obtain them, as they’re also one of the common things you can get while playing the game.

How to Get Power Points

Brawl Boxes

There is a high chance of getting Power Points by opening Brawl Boxes. Open up Brawl Boxes now to get Power Points for your Brawlers and upgrade them!

Free Power Points – Daily Deals

You can claim free Power Points every day in the Shop, under Daily Deals section. You can also buy Power Points for you Brawlers using coins in there!

Brawl Pass Rewards

Earn Power Points by leveling up your Brawl Pass. You can get more Power Point if you buy the premium Brawl Pass. You can increase your Battle Pass level by doing quests and getting Token Points.

Trophy Road Rewards

Reach a certain number of trophies to receive Power Points as rewards. Increase your total number of trophies by getting into Brawl battles and winning them.

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