How to Get Gadgets

Gadgets are additional skills you can use in a Brawl battle. It gives a tremendous boost to any Brawler who has it equipped.

They mostly provide a Brawler with mobility and utility to get out of sticky situations or enormous damage to instantly defeat another Brawler. Take note that you can only equip one Gadget at a time, so be sure to select the Gadget that suits your playstyle!


Daily Deals

There will be times that a Gadget will be available in the Shop, in the Daily Deals section. One Gadget costs 1,000 coins, so be sure to save up some coins now to get Gadgets in the Shop.


Brawl Boxes

You will have a chance to get a Gadget in a Brawl Box when you open it. You can obtain Brawl Boxes by leveling up your Brawl Pass, increasing your total Trophy count, or buying them from the shop.



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