How To Get Coins

What are Coins

Coins are the most common currency you can use in the game. Coins are usually for upgrading a Brawler or buying items in the Shop.

How to Get Coins

Brawl Boxes

Most Brawl Boxes contain coins when you open one. The only instance that they won’t show up is when you get a Brawler in a Brawl Box. Get Brawl Boxes by buying them in the Shop or obtaining them through the Brawl Pass.

Coin Packs

You can exchange your gems with Coin Packs to gain coins. We only recommend buying Coin Packs if you’re really in need of them, as gems are more valuable compared to them.

Brawl Pass

Some rewards from the tier rewards in Brawl Pass are coins. You can increase the level of your Brawl Pass by doing quests and earning Token Points.

Trophy Road Reward

Increase your trophies to get coins as rewards from the Trophy Road. You can obtain trophies by participating and winning in Brawl battles.

Coin Shower Event

Participate in Brawl Battle to earn Tokens, and earn coins based on the Tokens you get after the match. Get going now and battle against players to earn Tokens and coins at the same time!

Take note that Coin Shower Event is random and it can happen anytime.


Where to Spend Coins?

Daily Deals

Check the Daily Deals section every time it resets for a free item and see available items you can buy. Rare items such as Gadget and Star Power are sometimes available in there. It will be wise to spend your coins to buy them!

Brawler Upgrade

You can use your coins to upgrade a Brawler when they reach the required number of Power Points they need. It will make your Brawlers stronger, so make sure to see if they have enough Power Points and upgrade them.

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