How to Get Brawl Boxes

Brawl Box is an item that mostly serves as a reward for players who completed a specific milestone or quest in the game. Opening one Brawl Box will give you items that can help your Brawlers to grow stronger.

There are three types of Brawl Boxes that you can get. Those boxes are Brawl Box, Big Box, and Mega Box, with Brawl Box having the lowest reward and Mega Box as the most rewarding box of the three. The number of the items is different for each Brawl Box, but their drop rates remain the same.

Item Drop Rate
Power Points


Rare Brawler 2.7662%
Super Rare Brawler 1.2470%
Epic Brawler 0.5641%
Mythic Brawler 0.2573%
Legendary Brawler 0.1138%
Star Power 0.0000%
Gadget 0.0000%
Token Doubler (Bonus) 3.0000%

Note: These are the drop rates for starting players in Brawl Stars.


  • The percentage of the drop rates may differ from each player because of the Luck System.
  • Gadgets’ drop rate will show up when you upgraded your Brawler to Power Level 7.
  • Star Powers’ drop rate will show up when you upgraded your Brawler to Power Level 9.
  • The drop rates will become 0.00% after collecting all the Brawlers of a specific rarity. It will also increase the drop rates of other items.

Purchase with Gems

You can purchase a Brawl Box in the Shop using Gems. You can choose from either Big Box or Mega Box. Click on this link below to learn how to get Gems so you can buy Brawl Boxes in the game!


Brawl Pass Rewards

Do some quests to level up your Brawl Pass and receive Brawl Boxes as rewards. You can see the available quests by clicking on the Brawl Pass, and selecting quests on the top side of the screen.


Trophy Road Rewards

Collecting a specific total number of Trophies will give you Brawl Boxes. Increase your total Trophy count by winning Brawl Battles. For more tips on how to get more Trophies, click on this link below!

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