How to Change Controls

How to Change Controls - Settings Button (Brawl Stars).png

1. Tap on the dropdown button on the top right side of the screen, and select the Settings.

How to Change Controls - Edit Controls Button (Brawl Stars).png

2. After tapping on the Settings, it will lead you to the Settings screen. Press Edit Controls on the left side to get into the control editing screen.

How to Change Controls - Edit Controls Button in the Editing Screen (Brawl Stars).png

3. You can test out your current control first, or you can straightaway edit it by clicking the Edit Controls button on the lower middle part of the screen.

How to Change Controls - Edit Controls (Brawl Stars).png

4. You’ll get to the main editing screen after clicking the Edit Controls button. These are the things you can do in the Controls Editing Screen:

  • Change the size of the buttons
  • Reposition the buttons
  • Lock Movement Stick
  • Reverse Attack Screen and Movement Screen
How to Change Controls - Test Controls (Brawl Stars).png

5. Be sure to save it once done. You can test it out again to see if there are any adjustments you want to make. After that, take on Brawl Battles and defeat opponents!

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