Choosing The Correct Brawler For You

Brawl Stars features more than 44 various brawlers that you can choose and battle. Only one brawler, “Shelly, ” will be unlocked in the initial stages, a long-range shooting brawler with some outclass offense stats. Offense stats are often known as attacking stats. You have to unlock or earn the rest of the brawlers, which is not that hard. Just start battling with shelly, win matches, and get brawl boxes as a reward you will use to unlock new brawlers.

Once you have 3-4 brawlers unlocked, now is the time to decide which brawler is your type. This can be decided within two steps; first, you have to do a self-assessment in which you have to realize what your game technique is and are good with defense or with the offense.

Once done with that, now is the time to compare the brawlers. Brawler with the highest stats in the class you are comfortable with will be the best brawler. Another essential tip while choosing your brawler is to check the Gadgets and Star Powers of that specific brawler, as they will play a crucial role in your gameplay once you move to a more challenging advanced mode of the game.

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