How to Get Star Power

What is a Star Power? Star Powers are passive skills uniquely different from each brawler. It gives a powerful buff to Brawlers that will surely increase their winning chances in a battle. However, you can only get a chance to obtain a Star Power if one of your Brawlers have reached Power Level 9.   … Read more

How To Get Coins

What are Coins Coins are the most common currency you can use in the game. Coins are usually for upgrading a Brawler or buying items in the Shop. How to Get Coins Brawl Boxes Most Brawl Boxes contain coins when you open one. The only instance that they won’t show up is when you get … Read more

How to Get Star Points

Star Points Star Point is one of the special currency in the game. The only use of Star Points is to buy exclusive skins in the Shop, under Star Shop. Most skins available in the Star Shop outrank what the Skin Shop can offer to the players. Save up Star Points to get some cool … Read more

How to Get Power Points

What are Power Points Power Points are one of the required items for upgrading a Brawler. You can undoubtedly obtain them, as they’re also one of the common things you can get while playing the game. How to Get Power Points Brawl Boxes There is a high chance of getting Power Points by opening Brawl … Read more

How to Upgrade Characters

Requirements Power Points Power Points are essential when upgrading a character. Power Point requirement will increase the higher the level your Brawler gets. You can obtain Power Points by buying them in the shop, opening a brawl box, and rewards from Trophy Road and Brawl Pass. Coins Coins are also required for you to upgrade … Read more

How to Get Skins

This page is a guide on how to get skins in Brawl Stars. Read on to know where you can get them, what kind of currency you can use to buy them, and how to use them! What are Skins? Skins are items in Brawl Stars that you can use to dress up your Brawler. … Read more

How to Get Gadgets

Gadgets are additional skills you can use in a Brawl battle. It gives a tremendous boost to any Brawler who has it equipped. They mostly provide a Brawler with mobility and utility to get out of sticky situations or enormous damage to instantly defeat another Brawler. Take note that you can only equip one Gadget … Read more

About the Inbox

The Inbox is where you receive items such as Star Points, skins or Gems (if Supercell donates). Through the Inbox, you can check how many Star Points you’ve received from previous seasons. You also receive Club announcements or mail sent by the President or Vice Presidents from the Inbox through the Club Mail.

What You Need To Know About Clubs

Clubs are social groups within the game that players can join to chat and join rooms to Brawl together. Clubs can be created or joined from the game’s Social tab. Clubs also have their own leaderboards based on Clubs’ Trophy scores. A Club’s Trophy score is calculated by adding the individual Trophy counts of the … Read more

Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes are the main way of obtaining Brawlers and other items. They can be obtained from the Shop, Brawl Pass, or Trophy Road. Big Boxes are equivalent to 3 regular boxes, and Mega Boxes are equivalent to 10 regular boxes. Brawl Boxes can contain Coins, Power Points, Gadgets, Star Powers, new Brawlers, and a bonus 3% … Read more