Attack Poco

Poco is the only brawler in the game that can heal his allies while simultaneously attacking his enemies. This unique talent makes him extremely good at keeping crystal carriers alive. If you notice the enemy team is using a Poco, kill him as quickly as possible every time you see him. This will prevent the … Read more

Run Away And Heal

Unless you or one of your teammates has selected Poco as their brawler, the only way to heal damage is by not taking enemy fire for a few seconds. If you find yourself running low on health, try to escape combat and allow your brawler the chance to heal. Remember, you can use obstacles to … Read more

Use Your Special Ability On The Safe

When you’re the attacking team in Heist, it’s important to do as much damage to that safe as you possibly can. I know it may seem hard to save your special abilities when there are perfectly good enemy brawlers attacking you, but special abilities are typically quite powerful. Opening that safe is the only objective … Read more

Blow Up The TNT Crates

You’ll notice the safe isn’t completely unprotected; there’s a fence providing cover around it. Like most obstacles in the game, you’ll be unable to penetrate the fence with a normal attack; however, the TNT crates will blow up said fence if you cause them to explode. Attack the TNT crates early and demolish that fence, … Read more

Try Using Long-Range Brawlers

The battlefield in Heist is less cluttered and finding hiding places is a lot harder. With your opponents out in the open, brawlers with long-range weapons excel. Try playing with characters like Ricochet, Brock, and Colt to take advantage of the open battlefield. Damaging enemies before they can get close enough to attack you will … Read more

Break Open Charge Crates

In Showdown, you’ll come across charge crates that have a big white lightning bolt painting on the side. Inside these crates is a special potion that will increase your character’s stats, making them better at brawling. The more potions you have, the stronger your character becomes. Get as many of these potions as you can … Read more

Seek Out Weaker Characters

While you’re out and about collecting potions to increase your strength, look for characters that have fewer potions than you. By attacking weaker characters, you’ll make yourself even stronger by stealing their potions, and you’ll have the upper hand.

When Your Team Has 10 Or More Crystal, Run Away!

You can call this a coward’s move all you want, but if you care about winning, it’s one of the best strategies. Once your team has 10 or more crystals, and the 16-second countdown to victory begins, head to the bottom of the stage where your team spawns. This forces the opponents to go on … Read more

Don’t Take On Tank Brawlers Alone

Brawlers that have a lot of Hit Points are hard to take down, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. When you see an opponent using a tank character — like El Primo and Bull — it’s best to wait for backup from your teammates. This will not only ensure your survival, but it’ll … Read more

Use Obstacles To Your Advantage

When you’re playing Smash & Grab, you’ll notice there are various obstacles scattered across the battlefield. If you’re smart about the way you play, you can use these objects to your advantage. Most characters cannot shoot through rocks, barrels, mushrooms, and the other objects, making them perfect for ducking behind for cover. If an enemy … Read more