Usually it is pretty much impossible to create bots for mobile shooter games, but since Brawl Stars comes with a button that automatically aims your abilities and allows even a bot to do damage, it is actually possible to essentially farm unlimited Gems, Coins, Box Tokens, Power Points, Tickets, automatically unlock Brawlers and so on. Brawl Stars Bots can either be downloaded as standalone apps or set up through macro recorders and are able not only to farm game modes for rewards, but are also able to clain free boxes, free money from daily rewards or even just automatically use supers / healing abilities for you. As an example a bot or script is able to automatically cast your super on Poco to burst heal not only you, but your team as well if you or your team reach a certain critical amount of health.

Brawl Stars is without a doubt one of the rare mobile shooters that lends itself to the use of bots, if one is ready to take a loss in trophies in order to farm up and max out ones account, brawlers and get rewards. Of course a script will not be able to win Trophies against human players, but that a player can do themselves once they have all the goodies farmed that they want. Best Brawlers to use for bots are Shotgunners and Taks, such as Shelly, Primo, Nita ect.

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