Robo Rumble

In this game mode, you are a team of 3 and go against enemy robots that are here to defeat you and destroy the safe; in this game mode, you are trying to protect. Here the robots come in waves, and they are all of the different sizes. They spawn at the end of the … Read more


Showdown is the most interesting game, and it has two modes: Solo Showdown As the name suggests, in this game mode, you are alone and challenge another solo brawler to win the fight. Here, for example, Nita can go against Mortis, Nita can go against rosa or any other brawler. Duo Showdown In the duo … Read more


Bounty is a serious game where you go against 3 players’ team, and you have a 3 player team of your own. All you have to do is collect Stars and destroy the members of the enemy team. The team that remains standing till the end with the most Stars will take the crown and … Read more

Gem Grab

Two teams of 3v3 players fight against each other in collecting 10 gems from the middle of the map. If a brawler dies in the battle, they drop all their gems, and the enemy brawler who defeated them can take the gems. For example, suppose Nita goes against Crow, who has 3 gems in Gem … Read more


In the Heist game mode (3v3), there are 2 teams, each having 3 players. One team is the defending team, and the other is the attacking team. The defending team has a safe to defend from the enemy team, and it’s the attacking team’s job to attack the safe and defeat the defending team. The … Read more