Mod Money

As already explained multiple times here, money cheats are entirely impossible in Brawl Stars due to server-side processing of all the in-game currencies and microtransactions alike. – However, this is not stopping shady app downloading portals, APK modding sites, iOS modded app stores and other questionable providers to advertise downloads for Brawl Stars with ‘mod … Read more


Exploiting is the use of temporary bugs in the Brawl Stars game app to gain advantages until the underlying bugs in the game are inevitably fixed and patched out of the game in an upcoming patch. – While these are some of the rarest cheats out there in the game, they also have the distinct … Read more


Usually it is pretty much impossible to create bots for mobile shooter games, but since Brawl Stars comes with a button that automatically aims your abilities and allows even a bot to do damage, it is actually possible to essentially farm unlimited Gems, Coins, Box Tokens, Power Points, Tickets, automatically unlock Brawlers and so on. … Read more


Most people will know ESP hacks, Wallhacks or VAC Cheats from 3D shooters. These are simply put apps that allow you to see enemies through walls by highlighting them using colored boxes or other visual representations. Now while Brawl Stars is not a 3D shooter exactly, the use of Wallhacks or ESP (Extrasensory Perception Hacks) … Read more

Unofficial Mods

Mods are undoubtedly the most popular, the most sought-after, most convenient, easies, most accessible and arguably the best way of using Hack in Brawl Stars. All a player has to do is look for a mod that is up-to-date, download it and install it instead of the original Brawl Stars game, start the game up, … Read more


Now while Brawl Stars technically comes shipped with an auto aim button that you can use in every single match, the ‘aimbot’ the game provides really only works in short-range situations or if you are using AoE attacks, shotguns or are in very short range encounters. Playing at higher Trophy levels in Brawl Stars will … Read more

Proper Team Play

Team play is one of the essential things you need to focus on during the game. In the initial stages, you will only have the Gem Grab mode unlocked. Rest you have to unlock. As the battles are 3v3, one of the players should be the gem collector, others should be playing as defense, and … Read more

Choosing The Correct Brawler For You

Brawl Stars features more than 44 various brawlers that you can choose and battle. Only one brawler, “Shelly, ” will be unlocked in the initial stages, a long-range shooting brawler with some outclass offense stats. Offense stats are often known as attacking stats. You have to unlock or earn the rest of the brawlers, which … Read more

Upgrade Your Brawler

Upgrading your brawler is the most crucial stop of Brawl Stars. The majority of the players neglect this trick as a fundamental one, but the truth is that upgrading your brawler is the most important thing of the game. Upgrading your brawler increases your Offence and Defense stats along with unlocking some extraordinary skills. Once … Read more

How to Play on PC

As we know that Brawl Stars is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. So you can download it from any app store on your Smartphone. Some Brawl Stars lovers want to play it on their laptop or PC. The problem is that some gamers have no idea about the playing of Brawlers … Read more