About Us

We are three friends who are huge fans of Brawl Stars. We decided to develop this application to help other players and fans to get the most out of this game. Our team is using all their effort to develop innovative features which help players to improve their game-play, make better decisions and finally see an entertaining side of Brawl Stars with many useful statistics.

We hope our tips and tricks will help you to have more fun with the game. We collected all the guides, tips and tricks from all over the internet and wrote most of them by ourselves. The app is completely for free. It is only monetized by advertisement.

Please note that “Brawl Stars” is a trademark of Supercell. All rights reserved by Supercell and respective owners. All pictures, media, game content available on this application are copyrighted by Supercell Oy unless otherwise stated.

We are only fans and players of the game. Our goal is to help other players from all over the world.